We are here to provide a convenient way to obtain a medical certificate for up to two days under the Fair Work Act 2009, as well as providing an extensive email covering treatment options for your condition, all for $25.

A convenient service that makes you the patient feel comfortable in your own surroundings, so you can rest and are able to recover to return to work sooner.

By pressing "Pay Now", I acknowledge that the opinion being provided to me is that of a pharmacist NOT a doctor; it does not replace medical treatment, opinions or diagnosis;
I also have provided a truthful, complete and accurate description of my current condition and a video call must be completed.

Certificates can NOT be issued to cover missed court appearance or other legal issues.


Students these certificates will NOT cover missed exams which need physical examinations. But may suffice for missed classes, please check your educational institutes policies.

Certificates will be dated with the date the video call is conducted.

Payment will be made to Online Health Services.

Please check your email (including junk folder) for confirmation.


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Your certificate will be emailed along with details of your consult and suggestion to help in your treatment and recovery.

Online Medical Certificates

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