Do I need to worm myself?

It's the age old question - do I need a regular worming tablet?

The simple answer is that unless you or someone that is human in your household has the symptoms, there is no need. We can not catch worms from Cats and Dogs.

If someone has the symptoms (an itchy bottom, general irritability and behavioural changes, trouble sleeping or restless sleep, sudden lack of appetite) then everyone in the household needs to be treated. This includes Mum, Dad, Brother, Sisters and anyone else living in the household.

You can generally get your treatment from your local pharmacy. Exemptions to this include being pregnant, breastfeeding, being under 1 year old or have recently travelled overseas. If you fit a category mentioned above you should talk to your doctor about treatment options. You should also wash all bed linen in hot water as well as bath towels, face washers,underwear and anything that has come in contact with the bottom area.

Vacuuming carpets and general seating areas (couches, chairs etc) is also advised.

Making sure hands are washed after using the toilet and before eating, cutting nails shorter and discouraging hands/fingers unnecessarily going in the mouth can help prevent worms and their re-occurance.

The eggs are relatively resilient (they survive stomach acid) and are the main reason for re-infestation occurring.

For more information the makers of Combantrin have a good website with more details.